How to make a natural gas fire pit at home for the backyard?

The fire pit is a great way to enjoy outdoor times. The easy way by which you can build your fire pit at home that has all the skills and customizations would be great. The firepit can be built-in grass, pavers, or concrete. Debating whether you should opt for natural gas fire pit, or propane fire pit, or wood-burning fire pit. Well, whatever you choose, it can be a great way of creating memories with friends and family that can last for a lifetime. If you like a fire pit, then you can consider to make natural gas fire pit that can match your style.

Here is a step-by-step guide with the help of which you can make a natural gas fire pit at your home, or backyard, or anywhere you want.

  • Before assembling the materials required for making a gas fire pit, decide where you want to build it and how will be the gas supply to that place. If you wish to run a natural gas line, then make sure that it is installed by a certified gas technician before making a fire pit.
  • If you are planning to put your fire pit in the grass, then mark a circle there, remove the grasses, roots, and sod. Remove some soil from the same area then make sure to level up the soil where you are building your firepit. Then add the paves base, pack, and maintain a level.
  • After the installation of the paver base (on grass or paver patio), install the vapor barrier. This vapor barrier will help you to prevent moisture from the ground surface and will protect the gas burner kit. This vapor barrier is not required if the fire pit is installed on a concrete slab.
  • The next step is to lay down your first ring for the hardscape block in the circle. You can make defined radius pavers.
  • Then place the next ring of the concrete block, leaving some space for the control panel, and vent block. Remember that the concrete blocks have adequate spaces so that they will allow the air to flow easily underneath the burner.
  • After that, once you appropriately place the blocks of concrete, you can carefully and smoothly remove one block at a time, and then apply concrete adhesive to make it stick through. Place the block back on the ring and then apply some pressure on it. Repeat the same procedure for each of the blocks.
  • Assemble the burner and then place it carefully on top of the blocking ring. Then lay down the third layer of concrete block, apply adhesive to make it stick together. Let the adhesive dry for some time.
  • Add the rock of lava until the burner area gets covered with about 2 inches of rock.

This is it. Now you can light up your new fire pit. Sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth of fire whenever and wherever you want to.

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